On more outrage

I've been thinking about it, and although I never meant this blog to ever be about politics (which isn't cats, volleyball, or astronomy), it is getting that way because I keep getting more and more outraged. Every day when I think it can't get any worse, it gets worse.

There are plenty of much more serious things I can rail against, but this is the outrage of the day:

Rachael Ray.

She did an ad for Dunkin' Donuts wearing a scarf. Apparently, this means that she supports the terrorists and that she wants all Americans to die.

The same people who use racial slurs on TV or in their live speeches because that proves their bona fides as a "conservative" who does not bow to political correctness felt the need to force Dunkin' Donuts to pull a commercial because Rachael Ray was wearing a freaking scarf. This is the most important issue of our day, forget the war, the economy, or anything else -- we can't have our TV chefs wearing unapproved scarves on TV! Think about the anarchy that will result!

That's right. The "conservatives" have decided that this woman's attire so offended their delicate as a flower sensibilities as proud patriotic americans that no one should be allowed to see this heinous advertisement.

The 12 Republicans left in the US must be so proud -- they've finally won the all important battle to force companies to police the clothing choices of their paid endorsers.

Next time I'm going to wear a necktie, I'll be sure to call my Republican congressman to find out if it is on the approved list. I'm guessing I'll be in trouble, because I do have a lot of Jerry Garcia ties, after all.


On my favorite Dixie Chick

I was happy to see Bush get called out for what was just the latest in a long, long line of outrageous actions -- comparing Democrats to Nazi appeasers.

One thing that no one mentioned, though, was the first thought that occurred to me:

Natalie Maines said in Europe that she was embarrassed by our president. She was vilified and even received death threats. The howling outrage from the usual suspects could probably have been predicted, but I was amazed how many people and what a variety of people felt necessary to pile on Natalie. Does anyone think what she said was so wrong anymore? If anything, I think 99% of people would be willing to shout from the rooftops that Dubya is an embarrassment.

Anyway, someone explain to me how what Maines said was even remotely as awful as what Bush said. Like I said, I'm glad for the outrage (especially Olbermann's -- he's singlehandedly doing what Air America failed to do), but how come it's not as widespread and deeply felt as that a random Dixie Chick provoked? I'm hoping it's because we're all desensitized to what Worst.President.Ever has to say and not because people think calling Obama an appeaser in Israel isn't as bad as saying Bush embarrasses you while touring Europe.

Just another aside on Olbermann -- it takes some serious nerve to go on TV and tell the sitting president to "Shut the hell up". I wonder if his audit has started yet, or if they're looking deeper for skeletons in his closet. I'm guessing he's now on the TSA's "terrorist" list, has his phone tapped, and Rove is working on some "witnesses" to accuse him of bribery. I hope he's got some friends to help him out.


On the best line since "untracked"

I'm grading and watching the Pepperdine / Long Beach State NCAA men's vball semifinal.

Earlier tonight, PSU beat Ohio State to earn a spot in the championship.

This match is being called by the same team of Mowins & Kiraly that called the PSU / Stanford women's volleyball national championship match.

I've been known to make fun of this Mowins/Kiraly tandem. During the women's match, they must have said Foluke Akinradewo's name about a bazillion times, including telling us many, many, many times about her having to move out of her apartment to go train with the Olympic Team. It really seemed like it was the Foluke Akinradewo show, and oh, by the way, there is a match going on in the background.

Anyway... I found their commentary so annoying, I *have* to poke fun at Mowins for a slip she made during this match. I guess one of the Pepperdine guys attended commencement, and then went right to the gym to play in the conference championship match that got them into the tourney. While explaining this riveting human interest drama, Mowins said something along the lines of, "he took off the gown and the mortar & pestle and left for the gym."

I didn't know the regalia at Pepperdine was borrowed from the chemistry department.