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First off, let me note the blog is not dead. Summer just kicks my butt with an increased workload over fall & spring, and what time I have to blog goes away.

The reason I'm writing now is that I drank too much caffeine today, and even though I need to sleep, I'm writing this instead. Tomorrow, no iced coffee.

Anyway... I just moderated three comments -- two old ones from Mike, and one from Comcast! I had read today that Comcast has taken to responding to bloggers who trash them in order to try to improve their reputation. In my case, it looks like a Comcast rep responded to my criticism of them for their recent behavior in the ad campaign being waged against Dems that supported the new FISA legislation.

I didn't respond in the comments. Instead, I'll let Glenn Greenwald respond for me.

I'm glad that Comcast is using the dollars they get from me and the rest of us who are forced to use their service to pay people to respond to blogs. Now I know why I pay $60 a month for internet service. Before I just had to guess where the money was going. I can tell them how to fix their reputation a lot faster than writing comments on my blog -- lower your prices, improve your service, and stay out of politics. Since I see no chance of any of those three things happening, I'm still dropping them as soon as I have an alternative. I've even gone so far as to contact my township supervisors to ask them to help get our township more alternatives for internet service. The day I can stop giving one more dollar to the worst company in America will be a happy one for me.


Blogger Mike said...

Chris, would you object if I linked to your post from Right-Thinking.com?

7:05 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hi Mike.

Sorry I didn't respond yet -- don't get much time to blog right now.

Anyway, if it's not too late, go for it.

10:21 PM  

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