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One of my biggest pet peeves is the Moon landing conspiracies. I can't believe it when otherwise intelligent folks (including an M.D. I know!) believe in the crackpot idea that NASA faked the Moon landings.

Well tonight on Mythbusters, the guys ran a series of tests to debunk many of the ideas advanced by Moon conspiracy theorists. I'm sure they won't sway anyone who is a die hard, but hopefully the younger generation who might have otherwise bought into the myth will see the show and grow up realizing how ridiculous the conspiracy theories are.

Thank you mythbusters, you've warmed my heart.


Blogger Pat D. said...

Hear, Hear!
I thought they did a very good job on Mythbusters, and yes, if some people see that and realize just how ludicrous the so-called `evidence against the Apollo landings' are, the better. In particular, I liked the demo showing that you do NOT need two light sources to make the observed shadows on the lunar surface. Easy to mention to people, but better to see it mocked up and done!

(and, lets face it...how can NASA `get away' with such an impressive `hoax', yet be responsible for very simple mistakes? ya right...)

Can we now put the people who are actively promoting the Moon-landing hoax into the same category as the flat-Earth folks? I think they have worked very hard and have certainly earned it.

Dr. D

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