On nerdy body art

From boing boing -- scientists with science tattoos.

I suppose I'll have to get out my camera and send him a picture.


On a straightforward message


On a Christmas Wish Fulfilled

I asked Santa for a Penn State National Championship this year.

Penn State beats Stanford in 5 -- 3 games to 2.

Congratulations to Coach Rose, Christa, Nicole, Megan, Arielle, Alisha, Blair, Roberta, Alyssa, Kate, Kara, Melissa, Jess, Ann, Kelsey, Caitlyn, and Michele.

Can anyone guess what my Christmas wish for 2008 will be? I'll give you a hint -- it rhymes with Verbeet Mashonal Thampeeons.


On the promised picture

That would be my truck. Yes, it is covered in post-its. I drove home in ~50 mph winds, and some small fraction of them blew away. I guess this is a good advertisement for the quality of the adhesive in post-its.


On a (random?) prank

Friday was busy. The first game in the NCAA volleyball tournament being held at Penn State started at 5pm, and I wanted to be there. So I left my office in kind of a hurry on Friday around 4:30 -- so fast, I didn't even say goodbye to Dr. D before he left (sorry 'bout that!).

So, my plan was to hike quickly to the parking deck, pick up my truck, and drive to Rec Hall. The reason for driving was that I was planning to come back to lab to help with the Friday night open house observing, and if I drove, I could stay five minutes later at the game.

However, my careful planning came to a screeching halt when I got to the parking deck. Someone or someones took the time to very carefully cover every exposed non-window non-tire surface of my truck with standard yellow post-it notes. The doors, hood, roof, bed, and even mudflaps were completely covered. I estimate it had to have taken at least an hour or two for one person to do this.

I think I've ruled out all of the suspects among my friends, so my current feeling is that this was a random prank. I don't know why anyone would want to cover a random truck in post-it notes, but they got me.

Pics to follow when I get a chance to download them from the camera...