On a Tropical Getaway

I was thinking at one point that it is time to retire this blog. I still may do that, but here's one more post that postpones the end.

I wanted to share the details of my tropical getaway. Since it is December in Happy Valley and snow is accumulating outside, it is a great time of year to take some time off work, go away, and enjoy ourselves.

Well, Shannon and I are going to do just that, well, except for the tropical part.

Tomorrow I get on a plane to Omaha, NE, where the high temp the next few days is predicted to be in the mid 20s to high teens.

There aren't any palm trees, but there are two volleyball matches left this season. Penn State plays Nebraska Thursday in the Final Four, and the championship match is Sunday night. I may be going somewhere colder, but I have tickets to sit in the Penn State section and watch a really special team compete for a National Championship. There's no other place I'd rather be in the entire world.