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Just got finished playing around with Mac OS X's internet sharing capabilities -- it was fun, I had my old laptop connected to my cable modem via airport, and then connected two iMacs to the laptop. One was connected via firewire, the other via ethernet, and I had all three on the web simultaneously. I was doing this because tomorrow I have to go to a show at a hotel and we want to have multiple computers connected to the internet at our booth, and I only have the iMacs at my disposal and they don't have wireless.

Anyway... on to the *real* point of this particular post. Now that I'm done playing amateur network administrator, I have to write some bills to go in tomorrow's mail. I checked my electric bill, and it came down from last year pretty significantly. Obviously, there are variances in temperatures, which will make something of a difference, but I have actually been replacing every bulb in the house with Compact Flourescents in every fixture where it is feasible. As of last year, I would say about half of our lights were CFs, but now I'm *almost* at 100%.

From Oct 2005 - Feb 2006, we used 8023 kWh. From Oct 2006 - Feb 2007, we used 7404 kWh. That's not quite a 10% decrease in useage, and really, the only thing I have done is change light bulbs. I think my next project will be to look at improving the insulation in the attic & basement. If I can't have solar panels yet, I'll see if I can at least squeeze out another few percent of energy savings by conservation.


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Of course, you'll still have to recycle them differently because they have mercury in them.

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