BOYCOTT Homecenter.com

I made the threat and now I'm following through.

We got a threatening email from our friend Moise who works for these jokers, and so I'm asking that everyone refuse to ever do business with homecenter.com.

Just to recap -- they didn't send us our order or answer us about why it hadn't arrived, but charged our credit card. I disputed the charge. The order finally arrived about a month late, so I reversed the dispute, and our bank put the charge back on our bill.

We get a call from someone on a residential phone line who says that we did not pay them for our merchandise. We called the credit card company, verified that we had, and called him back and told him so. He continues to email us and call us telling us that we haven't paid for our merchandise. We called our credit card company and verified that yes, we did indeed pay them and they advised us to file a complaint with the BBB. We did.

Moise emailed us again today threatening to charge our credit card and/or put us in collection.

We verified AGAIN with yet another customer service rep from our credit card issuer that yes they did pay this bill and this company should know that they were paid. They are helping us prevent this joker from actually going through with his threat, but apparently there is no way to prevent them from putting us in collection. I'm really looking forward to that -- having to deal with a collection agency for having the audacity to pay for merchandise we ordered.

So, once again, if you don't want to have to deal with not receiving your order on time, horrible customer service when you call to question the problem, and then being put in collection over a charge you paid, then stay away from HOMECENTER.COM. However, if that sounds like fun to you, by all means buy something from them.

Now excuse me, I'm going to send them a snarky email.


Blogger kay said...

My comment:
This same Moise is calling me from home no less (I woke up someone at this number when I tried to return his call). He told me he works from home. Same story as yours, didn't get merchandise, called credit card and stopped payment. Merchandise showed up several days later and I released the money. This was in June and July 2006. 2 weeks (Jan 2007) ago this guy calls with his little story that I didn't pay. Hello!!! I called my credit card co and they said I paid them. Moise calls today (he has already threatened to ruin my credit) I told him I wanted all this in writing from Homecenter.com. He said he sent email.. I never got an email. He said not his fault I didn't receive email and I'm still responsible. Please send USPS...I want documentation when I call my lawyer.
Will this guy go away. I know I'm not sending money when I have proof I paid with credit card. Let me know how you make out.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Chris said...


I can't believe your story is almost identical to ours! We emailed him to say that we had reported him and homecenter.com to the BBB and to the PA Attorney General and that we would not accept any more of his calls or emails, and so far he has stopped. I'm still waiting to see if we'll get a call or visit from a collection agency, though.

We emailed and called homecenter.com (left a message), and curiously they haven't bothered to respond to either. I hope that we can spread this story wide enough that we can save others from dealing with these scam artists.

12:09 AM  
Blogger Heidi said...

I am in the midst of trying to get a sink that we ordered from homecenter.com. It is now almost 2 months since we ordered it. I sent two emails to the customer service dept. with NO response. We called and got differing answers. The last time we called, we were told the person we talked to the time before, who told us it was shipping April 3, must have lied to us! Now we're told it won't be coming for another 2-3 weeks and we're trying to finish our house. I have NEVER had so much trouble with an online company and I plan to put a complaint about them wherever I can!

11:47 AM  

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