On Tweaking Global Warming Skeptics

I seem to remember getting into a discussion in the comments section of one of Mikey's posts where I tried to make the following point, I just wasn't as eloquent, so I'll quote:

"And for those nonscientists who are still undecided about the issue, Grantham reminds them of an old logical principle known as Pascal's Paradox. It may be better known as the "what if we're wrong?" argument. If we act to stop global warming and we're wrong, well, we could waste some money. If we don't act, and we're wrong ... you get the picture."

(excerpt from this link I found at HuffPo)

So, let me just say that you should all go read that first link for yet another apocalyptic global warming tirade by another libruhl, in this case, Cheney's investment manager.


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