Just back from Baltimore

I'm home again for 3.5 days before leaving town again and don't expect I'll have much time to write more this week. I still owe (and intend to write about) topics I listed on 9.06, but I wanted to mention a few more things here because if I don't I'll forget.

  • Buy Steele Hill's book. Steele is a very nice guy, SOHO is cool, and he let me flip through his book and it looks great. I just added it to my amazon wish list.

  • I got killed in fantasy football this week in both leagues. By some bizarre coincidence, I got to face Peyton Manning in both leagues on the same day he scores 30+ points.

  • 2003 UB 313 is now Eris, the largest dwarf planet or to use the parlance of our times -- the Pluto killer.

  • Yet another reason why my wife is cool (and I guess insane, too). She kicks butt.

  • The result of this week's MNF game (Jags 9, Stillers 0) was disappointing, but it wasn't as painful to watch. The interlude with Wade wasn't nearly as obnoxious as Foxx's last week. The game was pretty boring, though, so I admit to paying little attention. Maybe they were just better during the times I was paying attention, and were bad when I was typing.

  • Scanning the waiver wire again showed that Michael Haynes got cut by the Saints. I turned up an article saying he has a serious back injury, though, and is pursuing a grievance against Da Bears. Here's hoping he gets better and back on the field.

By the way -- reading the Scar by Mieville now -- pretty good as of page 230.


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