On Penn State / Notre Dame in 2046

I am a Penn State sports fan. Specifically football and women's volleyball. I bleed blue and white. I drink the blue Kool-Aid. I want JoePa to coach until he's 100.

Given these facts, you would think that I would be trying to go to see Penn State play Notre Dame this coming Saturday. I am not. Rumor has it that tickets cost about $2k on eBay and that hotel rooms in South Bend are going for hundreds per night with a minimum 3 night stay. I could buy a new MacBook Pro for that much money.

You may think -- he's a season ticket holder, surely he could get tickets for this game? The answer is -- given my current standing in the Nittany Lion Club, I might qualify for tickets in 2046, but even then, probably not. You see, you get points for being in the Nittany Lion Club, and they make decisions based on number of points earned. As of the end of 2005, I had 40 points. I think I gained 6 more this year, so by December of 2006, I will have 46 points. Rumor has it that the only folks who were eligible for PSU/ND tickets were those with > 800 Nittany Lion Club points. If I donate $842.50 each year from now until 2046, I will reach 800 points then, and maybe I can go see an ND game when I'm 73.

Can't wait.


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