On the District of Columbia

I'm in DC. Even though this isn't that far from Central PA, the folks here picked up the tab, so I flew from SCE to DCA. I was once again reminded of the joys of traveling in our wonderful air travel system.

I stupidly forgot and showed up at the airport with my mini Swiss Army knife attached to my watch chain. It is now in the trash at SCE. That's ~$10 out the window.

I flew from SCE to PHL and got to pace the terminals in PHL from 5:10 until 6:30 when my flight boarded. We got on the plane, and after 20 minutes of sitting at the gate the captain told us that he had no idea why they wouldn't send someone to lead us away from the gate. Then, when he finally left the gate, he kept hitting the brakes and we kept lurching to a stop. We finally left after about 35 minutes on the ground, and arrived late to DCA. After a Super Shuttle ride the ~5 miles from the airport to my hotel, I was here 5 hours after leaving State College.

For those keeping score at home, my hotel is approximately a 3.5 hour drive from State College.

Personally, I have driven into downtown DC too many times already, so I chose to fly -- I could have driven if I wanted, but still, every time I fly I am immediately reminded why I prefer to be at home trimming the pine trees in the yard. I'll leave the world traveling to those of you that don't mind the inconveniences and inefficiencies of the airlines.

I particularly enjoyed landing at DCA and being packed onto a bus for the ride to the terminal. Our plane was half full, but still we had to practically sit in each other's laps because they only sent one bus to pick all of us up. Then, just as we were arriving at the terminal, they opened the same gate for boarding, so a crush of folks trying to make the flight to Norfolk made it a challenge to actually get inside.

I'm very excited to do all of this again on Wednesday. The good news is that this time I get to spend 2 whole hours pacing in PHL.

I promise to stop whining soon. However, the fact that I have air travel coming up and get to spend all of next week with 60 of my closest friends of ages 5-8 suggests that the first non-whining entry is likely to be post-August 18.


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