On Trader Joe's

Just got back on Wed from doing a three day teacher's workshop in one of the suburbs of Philadelphia. Luckily, my hotel managed to be one of the few in the Fort Washington area that did not flood on Wednesday. We had one teacher unable to make it, all the rest of us were late after being detoured multiple times, but all in all nothing too bad happened.

On the contrary, something very good happened -- I found out that there is a Trader Joe's only 4 miles from the school where I was working! This is big, big news. Shan and I *love* TJs. There is no TJs in State College, but there are many of them within about 3 hours drive from central PA. There is a group of us TJs addicts at Penn State that usually announce to each other when we will be on the road and near enough to a TJs to make a stop, and we often bring back goodies for the others. There is one about 10 minutes from where my parents live, so whenever we visit, Shan and I usually buy about $100 worth of stuff to bring back to PA with us.

Trader Joe's is a great store -- they sell good, high quality food at very good prices. You can find some of the same brands at Wegman's (which we do have in State College), but where Wegman's will charge $4.99, TJs will have the same product for $2.99. Besides being inexpensive, their store brand products are all very good. We love their nut mixes / trail mixes, spreads and sauces, salsas, cookies, and just about everything else. While there this time, I discovered something new to me -- "Traderade". It's basically gatorade, but with 25% real juice. I tried the fruit punch and the lemon-lime, and both were really good and the real fruit juice was definitely noticeable. I usually drink a lot of gatorade, but I can say that if I could get to a TJs more often, I would definitely be buying more traderade.


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