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Well, King Kaufman and I agree again. The horribly inconsistent officiating in the NBA struck again, and it pretty much altered the ending of the Suns/Mavs game. I thought the Suns were getting the short end of the stick, but then the call on Harris pretty much gave the Suns the momentum and helped them win the game. Phil Taylor at CNN/SI says the same thing. Note to David Stern -- if you want people to come back to the NBA, the referees need to become less of a factor in the outcome of games.

One of my operatives in the street tells me that the new restaurant "Alto" in the place of the old Victorian Manner Manor is quite good. Expensive, but good. It would be really nice if we could get to moderate, but good, but I'll settle for expensive, but good if it means not a chain and not another mediocre offering by the local restaurant conglomerate. It's just down the street from us, so I'll give it a try and report back.

I don't think I've said anything about PSU football here, but it is one of my favorite topics, so I'll add one quick note here -- I saw something recently (I think in Peter King's MMQB @ CNN/SI), about how the NY (ok, NJ) Jets have the most young, recently retired players as coaches on their staff. I took a quick look and saw that both Sam Gash and Richie Anderson (ex-PSU running backs, and even teammates, I think) are coaches. I'm no Jets fan, but any team that picks up two Nitz as coaches is definitely doing well in my book.

This weekend is the East Coast Volleyball Championships all over PSU and State College. There will be approximately one bazillion vball teams descending on us for a 3 day tourney. Shan and I will be helping out the PSU Women's Volleyball Booster Club by selling t-shirts. It is pretty amazing how much we make on t-shirts, and it's nice to know it goes to support the team. If you're bored, come by buy a shirt.


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