More on Broccoli

Background: Dr. D hates veggies. I really enjoy needling Dr. D about this particular point. Every meal together, I offer him whatever veggie is within reach. It never works.

A few years ago, I had a great plan. Jane had her two year old (at the time) daughter with her at a party. I asked her to get a piece of broccoli and ask Pat to eat it. I thought that no one could resist such a simple request from a sweet little girl. The only reason my plan fell through was that she wasn't sure who Pat was, so she went up to half the folks at the party offering them raw broccoli (most of them took it and ate it), but she managed to miss our target.

This past weekend was Michele & Rajib's wedding in Michigan, and a bunch of us (including Dr. D) caravaned there. Much fun was had by all. I started the needling at dinner on Friday, offering Pat any of my green beans, but he successfully resisted. At the wedding on Saturday, Kim and I were on two of Pat's three sides, and we tried to coerce him to eat a cucumber, as seen in the following picture:

Note the face. That is not happy Pat.

This did not deter us, though, and the pushing became more persistent. In a fortunate coincidence, who should be sitting on Pat's other side, but Jane's daughter! She not only asked Pat to eat a piece of broccoli, but told him she would give him money if he would do it (seriously). As you can see, she succeeded where we failed!

Although two very wonderful people got married on Saturday, that particular day will be remembered by most of us as the day Pat ate a piece of broccoli and survived. Now we just need another wedding so that we can get him to try asparagus!


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