On Tuesday YMCA volleyball

Tonight was fun. We had a good crowd -- Frank, Jason, Christine, Zeke, Nick, Glenn, Keith, Zack, and a few guys whose names I don't know yet. The game was actually pretty competitive all night.

My neck was bothering me all day, so when I got there I started out pretty tentative, and didn't play well at all during our first game. However, as I loosened up, I started playing much better, and I hit about 8-10 sets from Christine and Jason pretty well (they weren't getting much of a block up, which definitely makes my life easier).

I got pretty roughed up, though, and came home with a nice mark on my face. First off, Zack blocked a pretty weak attempt on my part off of a bad set, and when I landed and turned to try to pop the ball back up, Christine kicked the ball pretty much full force right into my chest. I think I'm lucky she got me half in the ribs. If the ball was a little lower, I think I would have been sucking wind for half an hour. Instead I could just keep playing.

Later though, Zeke hit the ball hard and I came up on it trying for an overhand dig. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to get my hands up (not sure why...) and took the ball with my face. It was quite graceful, actually. Luckily, they tell me you couldn't read the word Mikasa imprinted in my skin, so I guess I made out ok. I think I'll remember to get my hands up next time.


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