camp is over!

My hectic, crazy, stress filled summer is still months away from giving way to a cold beer enjoyed somewhere in the Outer Banks, but one milestone has passed.

My camp finished today (ok, my *primary* camp -- my secondary one is in August). We had 66 kids for a raucous week filled with astrobiology goodness. They even found some *great* examples of micrometeorites (ok, ablation spherules).

I'm wiped out. I wish I could sleep for a month, but because I have not yet learned how to say "no", I am giving a talk tomorrow at a venue 2 hours away from here (that is, 4 hour round trip, 1 hour talk -- smart, huh?) and then I leave Sunday for a 3-day workshop I'm co-teaching in Philly.

If I survive 'til Wednesday evening, you may see another post, but right now I'm only giving 50-50 odds.


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