On bad TV

If it is not painfully obvious, let me state here for the record that I am a sports fan. I love watching football, and I watch college games and NFL games. I don't want to spend all my time talking about sports, but I have to make this quick point.

The new season of NFL football has so far had some interesting games, but some absolutely horrible TV. I wanted to gouge my eyes out when they were interviewing Emmitt Smith on the sidelines about his role in the show "Dancing with the Stars". I think I saw about 100 other ads for this show. Does anyone in TV really think that the audiences for a typical NFL football game and the show Dancing with the Stars overlap by more than say 2%? Ok, maybe you show one spot for this show for those 2%, but I saw dozens. I will never watch Dancing with the Stars and you are making me want to turn off a game I love just to escape the endless commercials for this tripe.

Next -- I was thinking that Monday Night Football on ESPN might be a nice change from MNF on ABC. Wrong. Why did anyone think that we wanted to hear the announcers talk to Jamie Foxx for 20 minutes while a game was going on in the background? We want the game! I muted the TV for most of that segment, but even so they had the cameras on the booth more than the field and so it wasn't even like I could watch the game action in silence -- I had to watch a bunch of bobbleheads fawn over Foxx with no sound. It was painful.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the ridiculousness of this year's NFL coverage has me longing for the days when watching a typical football game simply meant you were going to hear Chevys being described as "like a rock" 67338276 times.


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