On Statistics

The statistics in this article make me sad.

One-third of college graduates believe the Biblical account of creation is fact. Almost half of the citizens of our country reject the science of evolution.

If we can have a war on terror, can the next president please declare a war on ignorance? It is getting depressing around here.


Blogger Pat D. said...

HEAR! HEAR!! Those numbers are downright scary. I think more of those students need to take real science classes. I recall an article a few months back where this problem (and it IS a problem) is bad here. I think the US ranked second to last (can't remember how many countries were in the list, but it was much more than two!)in the fraction of people who support the science of evolution. I was not so much sad as %$*&$#@$@#$ing embarrassed by that statistic.
Of course, making students take science courses does not necessarily solve things. I had a student who (after taking my introductory astronomy class) was (still?) surprised that people still believed in the Big Bang model.
Not sure if foreigners are allowed (probably not), but count me in on the war against ignorance.
Now please excuse me...gotta go back to the studio and shoot some more faked Moon landing photos. Gotta make some new ones for some gullible tabloid somewhere...
Dr. D

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