More on the Live show at BJC

First off I think this review from the CDT sums up the audience reaction (that is, this guy seems like he shared the attitude of everyone else there -- they seem to have wandered into a show by a band they kind of sort of remember and want them to play that one song they remember and that's it). I don't understand -- the band's energy was electric and they played a great set -- how can this not move you if you are any sort of fan of music? If you honestly don't care and you just want to hear Dolphin's Cry or Lightning Crashes and that's it, then why even come, or why not just leave?

This review in the Daily Collegian gives a better perspective of a Live fan's point of view. I thought the new songs were great, I thought the old classics were played with energy and the band sounded great.

This letter to the editor in the Daily Collegian really surprises me. I know that music is a very personal thing, and there is no way to make someone like something they don't like, but I don't know how anyone who was at that concert could say something like, "The band only played its hits and poorly at that." I also don't get his criticism of Overcome -- why is it wrong for Ed to sing this song to a pre-recorded piano? He came out and he sang the song and did an amazing job. How is that even remotely comparable to Milli Vanilli lip synching?

I found out that one of the other players on my vball team is also a Live fan, and he loved the show, so at least I'm not alone. It makes me sad that a talented band like Live can make good, critically acclaimed albums and play great live sets, but the average PSU student thinks they are no better than Milli Vanilli.


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