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Now that I have a huge archive of old posts, I need to update some of the topics.

On planetaria: I'm on the mailing list for the Spitz Planetarium Company, and just received a newsletter email from them. It occurred to me that they probably have records of all the starballs they've sold, so I asked! It turns out, the projector I was beginning to think was much older than we expected, is actually much younger than we expected. It was installed in 1986. So it is clearly not Yeagley's planetarium projector. Spitz didn't have good records on Yeagley's planetarium projector, but they did tell me it was a model A, presumably like this one: Pielock's Model A. I really want to try and track it down. I even think I might have an idea of where it might be.

On cats: Well, the news about Roux could be better. The opthalmologist told us that he was convinced that it had to be cancer. We actually decided against finding out, because his plan was to remove all of the swollen tissue while doing the biopsy, and we think that it is probably better to make whatever time Roux has left comfortable for her, than to subject her to painful surgery. The good news is that she is apparently not in much pain -- she is happy, purring, playing with her favorite toys and in general being Roux. She doesn't like her eye drops, but they are keeping her eye lubricated.

I also should mention that I think Composure (remember -- stress relieving vitamin supplement for cats) is working for Mosby. She still messes with Chloe and Roux, but I don't think I have heard her yowl since she's been taking it, and she used to do it daily. The clincher for me in deciding it works was that she let me clip her claws without freaking out. I'm a believer.

On American Idol: Apparently I'm not the only one who noticed.

On Volleyball: I really want to write about volleyball, but I don't think there is any way for me to do so without just turning this into my personal game diary. I want this blog to be something other people might read, and I don't think anyone cares if I had 3 kills and a good block in our playoff win tonight. One thing I can say that may be interesting to other indoor players out there, is that I have been wearing the new Nike Zoom Speed VB IIs and can write a quick review. The link shows you one of the reasons I think this is useful to post. It is impossible to find men's indoor vball gear -- we are a niche market, so if you can find vball gear at all, it is all women's. Anyway, I bought these because my knees have been really sore again, and I figured it was time to replace my older Nike shox. I noticed a difference right away -- I could make sharp cuts without putting a lot of pressure on my knees, and although my knees are still sore, they are not as bad as they have been lately. These are the first low shoes I have worn (I usually wear mids or highs) for vball, but the ankle support has been fine. I would recommend them.

It is definitely time to hit the glucosamine & chondroitin again. I heard on NPR a story that research shows that g&c supplements do not help those with knee pain. However, the caveat they gave is that for those experiencing severe knee pain (which they defined as enough pain that you alter your routine -- is there any other kind of knee pain? anyway, since mine is bad enough that I can't go upstairs without wincing after having played that day or the day before, I think I qualify) g&c shows a measurable improvement. I definitely can say their results seem to be verified in my case, if I take a g&c supplement for a few weeks, my knee pain decreases substantially. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't care if it is just the placebo effect, if it makes my knees feel better, I'll take it.


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