My Last American Idol post

I know this is my first American Idol post, but really, I hope it is my last.

First off, let me say, I get blogging now. I already have a backlog of stuff I want to post about (old domes at PSU, anyone?), but when something interesting hits me, I want to run to my computer and get it down.

So, now, my take on reality TV: I hate it. I have never voluntarily sat through an episode of Survivor. I have never watched a reality show of any sort for a whole season. I have voluntarily watched some of the first season of ESPN's "Dream Job", but even that lost me after about a week -- really, I tuned in for Tony Kornheiser and LaVar Arrington, two of the judges.

So, now, my wife's take on reality TV: she loves it. Those of you who were with us in OBX last summer know that Rockstar: INXS was required viewing. That is probably the reality show I have seen the most of, and it is because Shannon absolutely loved it.

You probably see my dilemma. In the evening, my choices often consist of (1) be in the same room with Shannon while a show I have no interest in is on, or (2) be in a different room than Shannon. Since I very much prefer to be in the same room as Shannon (and only partly because that is often the same room that includes Chloe, Roux, and Mosby), I wind up seeing more reality TV than I would otherwise watch. Tonight, this meant American Idol, a show I absolutely hate. The good news is that I got some chores done, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Anyway -- on to the reason for the post. The judges praised one of the contestants up and down for taking a classic Johnny Cash song, Walk the Line, and "making it his own". However, I heard "his" version of the song, and something triggered in my head. I know I had heard it before, and I'm not much of a Johnny Cash fan. I am a fan of the band "Live", though, and it took me about five minutes to remember they covered the same song on their greatest hits album. If you are a fan of American Idol (and really, the two of you that kindly link to my blog but probably never read it must be, right?), go listen to Live's version of Walk the Line at the iTunes Music Store and tell me if it sounds any different than the Idol's version.

My feeling is that the contestant knew this, but for some reason having to do with the band or label's permission, he wasn't allowed to say anything about Live. However, if he really thinks that his version of the song was unique in any way, I beg to differ.


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