The Old Standby

There are some very cleverly named blogs out there. Spankly Freaking is in my opinion the best named. So, my feeling was that I shouldn't start blogging until I created a suitable name. In the end, I went with the old standby "Diffraction Spikes", because it can refer to a beautiful image of the Pleiades or a volleyball team, although the last time I used that name for a team was probably 1999, and the last time I was on a Lee Carkner-helmed team of the same name was probably 1994.

Anyway, at some point I will get around to real posts, including:

  • Composure for cats and Mosby

  • The old domes at PSU

  • The PSUWVBC newsletter

  • Oh yeah, and do things that are long past their expiration date, like "four things"


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