On Seeing Live Live

Shan and I just got home a little while ago from seeing the band Live perform at the Bryce Jordan Center.

The first thought that occurred to me when starting this was -- Live must be the hardest band to google -- their name is so generic. It isn't too hard, though. I tried "Live band" and "Live York PA", and both had links to the band's website as the first result.

Anyway... just a few quick notes (I'm wiped out -- I need a weekend from my weekend) before I get in bed.

1. Live was amazing. They played a high energy set, and they really delivered. The intro they played for I Alone was eerie and magnificent all at the same time. The new songs from their upcoming album (River, Mystery, Sophia, and Show) were all very good, so that bodes well for another strong Live album.

2. The crowd was horrible. Shan and I are usually both on our feet almost every concert, but the crowd sat in their seats rock still while Live was pouring everything they had into their set. Some annoying guy in the balcony above us was screaming that he wanted to hear Dolphin's Cry to get his money's worth (all $9.75 he paid), and then when they played it no one seemed to really care. Even the folks standing in front of the stage in the general admission area were all just standing there. I have no idea how you can go to a rock concert and sit there motionless for almost two hours.

3. They played my favorite song. Here's the setup -- I love "Beauty of Grey" off of their first album, Mental Jewelry. Shan and I saw Live in concert once before, after one of the Rock n' Roll half marathons that she ran a few years ago. They were amazing that night, too, but they didn't play Beauty of Grey, and Shan got tired of hearing me complain about this. Of course, about ten minutes into the show, when people were shouting requests, I called out Beauty of Grey at the top of my lungs. The main set ends -- they haven't played it. As the encore begins, Ed sings a beautiful version of "Overcome", a track which has become associated with 9/11, and which is a very powerful song that evokes pretty strong feelings. Shan leans over and asks me, "What can they possibly play to follow that?", I say, "Actually, Beauty of Grey would be great". Cue Beauty of Grey, cue Shannon start laughing pretty hard because I was ecstatic -- they listened to me and played my song! Of course, she was sure to point out that only me and about 5 other people in the whole arena seemed to know the song, but that's ok with me. They played it, and it was great.

I'll probably post more thoughts on the show later, but suffice it to say, great show, I have high hopes for the new album, and thanks to the BJC for *finally* bringing these local boys (York is only about 100 miles away) to State College.


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