On the End of Winter '06 CRPR Vball

The season has been over for a week now, so I guess it is time for a retrospective. It was an interesting season for Six Pack. It is the first season since I've been on the team (has it really been like 4 years? -- to answer my rhetorical question -- yes, Chris, it has! I found my first email from our captain all the way back in July 2002) that I played setter full time, even though in that old email I sold myself as a setter. We started out in a 5-1 with me setting full time, but settled into a groove late in the season when we switched to a 4-2 with Kyle and me both setting.

We finished 30-15 having played really competitively against the teams that finished ahead of us in the standings, but also having honked a game against a non-playoff team. I know that Christine laughs at me for sounding arrogant, and maybe I am a walking sports cliche spewing machine, but really, the team that knocked us out of the playoffs played the best game I've ever seen them play. They were crisp and I think our defense suffered mostly because they were hitting more accurately and more powerfully than typical for them. Ok -- it sounds like a cop out, but ask TGTBT or Zen Shou -- they watched the game and at least one person told me they agreed with me.

This is always a rough time for me, because I know pretty soon I won't be able to feed my addiction (for vball, for those of you who are picturing me sitting at a table with a fifth of something in front of me and a stack of shot glasses turned upside down). With the season ending, that leaves Tue/Thu at the YMCA and Sun mornings at IM for pickup games until September. Unfortunately, when all of my summer commitments kick in, I usually wind up missing most Tue/Thu nights, and this means all I have left is Sundays. Since most people (me *NOT* included) prefer to play outdoor vball in the summer, bad weather or lack of a good court means even Sundays can't be counted on. So you should all feel *really* sorry for me, because my vball addiction is going to go from 5 days (Mon League, Tue YMCA, Wed League, Thu YMCA, Sun IM) to a few days, to sporadic, to maybe not at all. If I'm irritable, you'll know why (but at least my knees will thank me).


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