On the Rose Bowl

I'm only halfway paying attention to the Rose Bowl while I do some work, but I've looked up enough to register the following thoughts.

1) USC players are the Miami of the '00s -- I can't believe the UM guy got a personal foul for hitting the USC receiver as he turned and showed him the ball on his way in to the end zone. I would have hit him, too. Later when the receiver caught a ball and handed it to the defender, even the announcers were forced to point out the poor sportsmanship. With some luck, the football gods were paying attention and will smite SC at the next opportunity.

2) I'm not shedding any tears for UM and their Maize & Blue fans -- I dealt with enough of their grief during the PSU / UM game this year to feel any sympathy for them. All those UM fans that wallked around our town with their "UM owns PSU" shirts had us that day, but you know, at least Joe knows how to win a bowl game. I have yet to see evidence that Carr can win one. How many Rose Bowls has UM lost now? I'll take JoePa and his 22-10-1 record in bowls against Carr's 0 for his last 4 and 2 for his last 7. This UM site about him doesn't even list his bowl record!


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