On the Steelers / Bengals

Here was my warped thought process as I watched this game:

1) Well, if the Bengals win this, at least Tony Stewart (PSU) scored the winning TD.

2) Wow -- he missed the FG -- Steelers still have a chance in OT!

3) Well, even though the Steelers won, Holmes (OSU) scored the winning TD.

I'm a Steelers fan, but I would've much rather seen Watson or Stewart (or Kilmer!) score for the Bengals than Holmes for the Steelers.

BTW, I bet I'm the only person in America that noticed that Rich Gardner got signed by Seattle for the last week of the season, and that Alan Zemaitis and David Macklin both got put on IR for the final game of the season. Any guesses what those three players have in common, besides all being on the NFL's transaction wire? One last hint, it is not that they are all DBs.


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