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I made the mistake of looking at the CNN/SI "React" message board about the UM game.

I'm *really* tired of listening to SEC fans talk about how they have no respect for the Big Ten. Yes, I saw the OSU loss to Florida. However, I will continue to point out that across the board the SEC is not as strong as they like to think. In particular, here are some bowl scores:

1992: PSU 42, Tenn 17
1994: PSU 31, Tenn 13
1996: PSU 43, Auburn 14
1998: Florida 21, PSU 6 (I'll make an excuse here -- Paterno suspended his two best players)
1999: PSU 26, Kentucky 14
2003: Auburn 13, PSU 9
2007: PSU 20, Tenn 10

Oh yeah, and 2007: Arkansas 14, Wisconsin 17

Everyone can buy into the myth that the SEC is the best conference in the land, but we'll see what happens when the games are actually played.

By the way, it is now Cal 45, Tenn 31, so the SEC can't even seem to beat a bunch of dirty hippies from Berkeley.


Blogger Mike said...

SEC in bowls over the last five years: 20-15

Big Ten in bowls over the last five years: 14-19, including lsat year's 2-5 showing where the consensus #1 amd #2 teams both got trounced.

I'll admit PSU does well.

3:15 PM  

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