On the Stillers

This past week, Myron Cope passed away.

Peter King wrote a nice tribute to him in his column this week.

Everything that everyone says about Myron is true. I came late to the Steelers and won't claim to be a long time fan (or even necessarily the most loyal fan right now), but the reason I am a Steelers fan at all today is because of Myron Cope. Like everyone around here, I turn down the volume of the TV when Penn State football is on TV and when the Steelers are on TV, and turn up the volume on the radio and listen to our local announcers. The reason for listening to the Steelers was always Myron. The rest of the crew is great, too, but Myron really was a lot of fun to listen to because it was clear how much he loved the Steelers. After decades on the radio, he was still screeching "Touchdonn" (no, that's not a typo) every time they scored.

When I lived in Virginia, I loved visiting PA, because on the drive back to CVille on football Sundays, I could usually keep Cope on my radio for a good chunk of the trip.

If I have such fond memories of a guy I've listened to for a few years now, I can't even imagine what the guys who have been listening to Myron since the 70s feel. I imagine a lot of cans of Iron City were raised in his honor last week.

Sorry... no time to finish this, gotta go get a hot dog.


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